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Series/Fandom:  Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (from the manga, despite the anime icons)
Character's Name: Loki
Character's Sex: male
Character's Age: REALLY OLD
Canon point: In the manga timeline shortly after his fight with Heimdall and being restored to his true form... only to have Urd pop in and restore his damn curse on him.


Magic: In child form Loki has the ability to use limited Rune magic. Mostly he uses this to summon low level magical beasts and spirits to perform odd tasks. He also can create beams and bursts of magical green flame to use offensively against Odin's assassins. Most of the time he seems to need the assistance of some sort of staff as a medium to perform magic. It's also been implied that his entire mansion was something he was able to create through sorcery so the exact extent and limit to his abilities are pretty unclear.

In adult form his mastery of Rune magics is second only to Freyr, and incredibly powerful. He also doesn't seem to need a staff as a medium, though using one certainly boosts his power. He is also a master shapeshifter, and loves turning into a horse for some reason (even calling it one of his favorite things to do), though he admits he's pretty rusty with flying forms. He's notably a bit wilder with his magic when in his true form, and more prone to throw out powerful and even overly dangerous spells just because he CAN.

He also claims to be a master of necromancy, though his child form isn't strong enough to perform such a high level sorcery, and the several attempts he made at it all failed. He can probably perform it in his adult form, though he has yet to be shown doing so.

Evil Absorption Bracelet: At one point in the series Loki was gifted a magical bracelet by the Norn Sisters. This bracelet can absorb evil energies and, after a certain amount is built up in it, allow him to temporarily return to his true 'adult' form to give him full access to his magical abilities (and also longer legs!). However it takes a considerable amount of energy to charge the bracelet up enough to use, and even then it only gives him a couple hours at the very most, so it's something he rarely uses except in the most desperate situation.


He is very talented in magic, even in his weakened form.  He also knows how to play his cards right to take as much advantage of his limited abilities as he can.  In his true for his magic is boosted exponentially and he is considered equal or almost equal to the abilities that Odin possesses.  Also being a god makes him considerably more durable.  It's not as evident in his cursed form as his power is mostly drained, but in his adult form he can certainly take his fair share of hits.


Loki has an extreme aversion to water.  While this does not mean he neglects his hygiene it does mean he will avoid all bodies of water deeper then about waist high.  He can't swim and sinks like a rock.  It also seems to negate his ability to cast magic, understandable considering he IS a fire god.  He has a notable distaste for modern technologies and will avoid using things like cell phones whenever he can.  However he can not stand for cars AT ALL.  There is absolutely no way one can get him into one willingly.  He would much rather walk for miles by foot then be driven places.  The few times that he was forced into (aka physically dragged into) one he pretty much fainted instantly.  Apparently modern technologies don't mesh well with his very magically inclined being.


So a long looong time ago Odin found someone wandering around the edges of Asgard. This person couldn't remember where he was from, when he was born, who he was... nothing. Odin took an interest in this person because despite the fact that he could sense this stranger was of the Jotun, he could also sense in him a power nearly equal to his own. At that moment for some reason he decided to share his blood with the stranger so that he could join with the Aesir and live in Asgard. He called this person his friend, his sworn blood brother.

This person was Loki of course.

Not too much is know specifically canon-wise about Loki's time in Asgard. He was there for a very long time, obviously, and it's implied that what we know from Norse mythology probably happened in some form or another. He did play a lot of malicious tricks on people, enough to earn himself the title of 'Evil God'. He was also a notorious playboy, and despite gaining a reputation that he really didn't care about those he had affairs with, he nonetheless gained quite a following of young goddesses who desired his attentions, and several that legitimately fell in love with him (most notably among these is Freya the goddess of love beauty and fertility herself). He returned none of their affections of course. At some point he befriended Thor, and what might have started out as just a casual acquaintance so Thor could keep an eye on the god of mischief developed into a beautiful bromance honest friendship. Despite their very different personalities they went on many adventures together and generally had a grand old time. If there was any in Asgard whom Loki could call a best friend, it's Thor.

At some point Odin decided to banish Loki from Asgard, his reason at the time basically being 'Because of Reasons'. Also because he thought it was funny or something he decided not only to seal off the majority of Loki's magical abilities but also to turn his physical form to that of a child's. He charged him with the task of collecting an undetermined amount of evil energy that lurked within the hearts of humans. Once he collected enough his curse would be broken, his original form restored, and be allowed back into Asgard.

Once in Midgard (or the human realm for the uninformed) Loki decided the best way to complete this task is to open up a detective agency alongside his butler/servant/faithful assistant Yamino (who is actually also his son Jormungand the monstrous world serpent in human form. It's complicated). He initially expresses general annoyance and distaste in actually having to exorcise people of evil energy as he IS still an evil god and an irredeemable mischief maker. If he had his true form he honestly would have probably just watched the people he was now purifying run amok.

Eventually his life is basically invaded by a human highschool girl and extreme MYSTERY LOVING FREAK Mayura. She sees the supernatural in absolutely everything and makes herself a part of Loki's life because he's a detective, she wants to be a detective, and she thinks hanging out around his house and helping him solve cases is pretty much the best way to discover mysteries relating to the paranormal... all the while unaware that her new friend Loki is not just a little kid but pretty much as supernatural as someone can get.

This weird girl, as much as Loki is initially annoyed over, is honestly one of the best things that could have ever happened to him. She drags him everywhere and makes him do things he honestly never would have tried, almost forceing him to start behaving more honestly and more human. Despite all her craziness and just how much headache she causes him, he finds himself growing attached to this ridiculous but passionate young lady. He even feels AFFECTION towards her, which is, whoa, a little new to him. This combined with the fact that he's been trapped here in Midgard mostly depowered for what is implied to be a fairly lengthy amount of time has left him considerably less devious then he was during his time in Asgard, and a lot kinder and more prone to think about the affect his actions might have on others.

This change in personality is noted by several surprised gods that Odin sent to assassinate the banished Loki. Oh yeah, the great Allfather decided that Loki's life was not enough suffering and decided he needed to die as well. He sent assassins after him including the lovesick Freya and a revenge driven Heimdall who believed Loki had stolen his right eye. Oh and also his very best friend Thor (who uses the alias Narugami while in Midgard). Luckily for Loki the god of thunder is a very steadfast ally of justice, and though Odin had ordered him to slay Loki, he decided against him as he, personally, had yet to see Loki do anything to actually warrant his death, despite the fact that he acknowledges that yes, Loki is kind of a pretty terrible person in all honesty. Plus Loki's aforementioned change of attitude probably surprised him enough that he wanted to see just how much the god of mischief could change.

Now that Loki possessed a dream team of himself, his sonbutler and his greatest friend from Asgard... as well as one mystery freak , he began solving mysteries and exorcising people of their evil with all the more gusto, as he was DETERMINED to find his way back to Asgard all the more swiftly so he could face Odin and ask him why he was being such a huge dick.

It should be noted that despite everything, he's not always nice when interrogating potential suspects and looking for clues. He is a god of trickery, and is not above using deceitful tactics and taking advantage of his innocent looking physical appearance to put people at ease and get them to open up more then they should. He occasionally even employs the magic he still has remaining to trick or possibly terrorize. As long as he gets his man in the end and relieves them of their evil energies he is of the opinion that any tactics are fair to use.


Child Form:
Adult Form:

(I covered a lot of his personality in his background section so I'll try not to repeat too much of what I've already written)

Loki is a somewhat reformed trickster. Somewhat because it's heavily implied that if he wasn't charged with exorcising the evil auras in the hearts of humans he probably would have let them run amok. In fact he might have been someone who was somewhat responsible for planting little seeds and curses responsible for such things. It's also been shown that there are very few people he really cares for. He shows little sympathy for those he says. It's simply a job for him. This is not to say though that the only one he cares about is himself. He has a small group of family and friends he cares VERY deeply for. Namely his children, the human girl Mayura, and his long time friend and companion Thor (or Narugami as he was known in the mortal realm). He does not take kindly at all to anyone who tries to harm any of these people.

He is a highly intelligent individual, though he doesn't necessarily act it. He is very fond of using his childlike appearance to manipulate people into doing what he wants them to, or telling him the things he wants to hear. This doesn't always work out as well as he'd hope though and he's been in more then one situation where a stranger has treated him like the child he looks like for far longer then he cared for. And that's one thing he absolutely can not stand, despite the fact that he has a naturally childish and devious nature that probably matches his appearance quite well.

It should also be noted that while he is very knowledgeable in a variety of subjects such as literature and myths and legends from around the world he kind of really fails at a lot of basic tasks. He can't cook, he can't clean, even making tea is a task that isn't especially easy for him. If no one is around to do these things for him he usually has to use his magic to accomplish them... an if he's low on power he is slightly screwed.

Loki is also an notorious lady killer. He loves to flirt, to tease, to seduce. However he really honestly doesn't care all that much about the lovely ladies he sets his eyes on. It's momentary entertainment for him and he's broken the heart of more then one young goddess. Despite his reputation though, girls seem to fall for him even when he's not really trying. The fact that he's considered to be one of the most handsom gods in Asgard certainly doesn't hurt him.

Action/Journal Sample:

[ There's a young boy that appears on the screen, looking very perplexed.  He also appears to be quite upside down... possibly due to the fact that he's holding his communicator the wrong way. He's also mumbling something about uselessly complex Midgardian gadgets and how ironic it was that everyone thought he was going to be the one to cause Ragnarok  all the while attempting to shoo off some moogles trying to be 'helpful'. His lips twist down into an adorable pout and the view is momentarily obscured as he obviously pokes the camera a few times. ]

I'm... not sure if this is on...?

[ His brow furrows as he stares at it in utter bafflement before one of the moogles finally manages to point out to him that he's holding his communicator entirely the wrong way.  The screen blurs for a moment and he appears right-side up when it clears again.  Thank goodness the little flying buggers seemed to be a little more technologically inclined then he was.  They showed him how to turn the thing on to begin with too.  Who knew how long that would have taken him otherwise. ]

Sorry, I have... a profound distaste for devices like these.  These 'moogles' have been telling me what's happened, but I know that sprites and faerie like creatures are not always the most reliable source of information.  So please, what is with this darkness business?

RP Sample:

While Loki despised boredom, he loved having a day or two dedicated to nothing but relaxation. After nonstop cases and multiple attempts on his life he was pleased that, for the moment at least Heimdall and Freyr were being quiet (undoubtedly planning something but quiet nonetheless) and not a single client had walked in yet. Even better school was still in session so he was free to take his tea to his study, kick back and actually get started on a few books he'd been wanting to read without fear of Mayura bursting in with some ridiculous thing for him to do or Thunder Boy infringing on his hospitality and eating him out of house and home again.

Something was bothering him and after a while he realized he'd been staring out the window for quite some time now. He shook his head and snapped the tome in his lap shut. Why had his life turned to this? He used to lead a life filled with adventure and fun. There was a time when the only cares in the world he had were figuring out just HOW he set someone up with a prank and just which young lady he would try and charm next.

Now he worried if someone would succeed in killing him before he ever actually made it back to Asgard.

He tried, countless times, to understand just why Odin seemed to so suddenly hate him. He tried to justify just why he was punished. True he'd done many many terrible things. Maybe he deserved to be banished for a time. But why Odin decided he must die was beyond him. This was the man who he had shared blood with. He was his sworn brother, his friend. There was something wrong, so very wrong with him, and none of the other gods who had come to Midgard seemed aware of anything different in him... 

He had to find a way to get back there quickly. He had to ask him...

”Loki! Look at what I found!”

Loki's head snapped up, staring at the young girl who had, once again, just skipped into his study without invitation or announcement. She came bearing some sort of cheap tabloid that claimed to have pictures of actual real ghosts. He sighed and couldn't help smiling as he prepared to explain to her just why those pictures were fake.

He'd never admit it to her, but Mayura was such a wonderful light in his life. Only she had the ability to sweep him up so ompletely in her passion for the strange and make him, momentarily at least, forget all of the dark things that troubled him so much. 


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